Ninebot +388Wh battery expansion

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With this set of original battery will be retained and further expanded to 388Wh. The range increases at a Ninebot One E + of about 25km on 60km. (320Wh (original) + 388Wh addition = 708Wh)

Will not the original battery but a 1RadWerkstatt 388Wh original replacement battery is used, the capacity increases to a maximum of 776Wh (388Wh 388Wh +), enabling a range of about 70km (customer may have the 388Wh battery already this so continue to use 100%)

All 1RadWerkstatt battery's are made with balancers and maximum safety!

The battery's in the set are self-protected and protected against "incorrect operation / incorrect installation".

The power output to the motherboard from the unicycle can not just like the original battery "just so" off.

Me All protection circuits get!
All cells are still absolutely protected.

All 3 battery management systems operate independently. An error (the "never" appears :-)) in a battery pack only leads to failure of that pack and not the entire system.

The new side covers are made of high quality plastic (Terluran) colored black and high impact.
The plastic has excellent properties, no cheap "groundbreaking plastic"

The side covers are of course available separately after a crash as a spare part.

Many drivers want more contact with the unicycle, by the new width as the wheel moves much safer with more guidance, others will see it as a disadvantage.
Every rider is different and unfortunately the battery's need this place.

Test drive with us is of course always possible.


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Battery for Ninebot One C C+ E E+ P Battery for Ninebot One C C+ E E+ P
249.00 € *
Ninebot One Sidecover SET large (2 pcs) Ninebot One Sidecover SET large (2 pcs)
9.00 € *
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