KingSong KS14 D and S with 420Wh / 680Wh

800W power


30 km / h (shutdown only at more than 40 km / h this is much for safety)


Trolly completely metal (also the handle itself / it has never been)


Higher pedal stand for more agility with more ground clearance.


Large pedals / long and wide / anti-slip


4 speakers good sound and loud enough


Upper side cushions pleasantly soft


Compared the best 14 inches on the market!

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KingSong XL pedals


- 25cm in length

- griptape for the best

- safer to drive

- more comfortable standing

- non-slip even in wet conditions


Much better driving characteristics by changing interface human <-> unicycle


The additional "longer pedal surface" makes the unicycle performance better and easier to control, especially for the KS18L and KS18S an absolute recommendation!



- 2x XL pedals

- 2x axis

- 2x locking screws axle / new technology, only two screws needed


If your old axles are permanently stuck in the old pedals, they can be replaced with us in the workshop only pay the shipping costs. Please inquire by e-mail, thank you!

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