KingSong KS14 D & S 420Wh 840Wh 30km/h

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The Kingsong 14 "wheel with 800W (2400W peak) and max 30 km / h (maximum speed varies depending on the driver's weight, battery level and ground texture) really has everything on board: Big battery with 420 wh, battery indicator, RGB LED rings, automatic light, USB port, trolley handle, Bluetooth with app and 4 loudspeakers to listen to music! The pedals are larger than the predecessor and also non-slip! Small wheel is the big brother - KS16 - in almost nothing, because the power is almost the same, but everything is much more compact and thus transportabler! The 14 "-coll class is totally re-mixed here - so must be a bike!

Service and repair in Germany from us!


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