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KingSong N1-D

- four-wheel drive / dual engine (front-wheel drive can be switched off at any time)

- Speed: over 60km / h

- Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear (good braking performance is necessary at these high speeds)

- 60V 1350Wh battery pack (charging time up to 13 hours empty> full)

- Range up to 100km (at power level 1 and 70kg driver)

- 11" air tires for good traction and ride comfort

- mass: 37,3kg

- Max. Rider weight 100kg

- Charger 2A included

- Two charging sockets available on the device / Fast Chargers 4A (4A = 7h / 6A = 5h charging time) available / 6A combined with 2A OEM charger

- Fast charger 8A with conversion of the charging socket on the N1-D available / (8A = 3,2h / 10A = 2h charging time) / 10 combined with 2A OEM charger


The new KingSong scooter is very powerful and incredibly fast!

Please always remember safety when driving! Wear protective clothing!

Improper handling can cause serious injuries!


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Chargers FIX settings, not adjustable Chargers FIX settings, not adjustable
choose 67,2V 4A or 67,2V 8A (with 8A we must change one charge socket before ship out - to stronger one)
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