NEW LATEST VERSION (L/ XL) now even better:


- wide pull-out trolley rod, with second catch slightly lower


- EXTREMELY BRIGHT LED as front light


- 2000W / 4000W absolutely stable driving position in every situation .... POWERFUL


- Low center of gravity due to favorable battery installation position


The KS18-L peak power of 4000W and a continuous power of 2000W, offers one of the best features: USB charging socket 2 pieces available, Bluetooth, 4 speakers for music (via smartphone), light that automatically turns on and off and depending on the direction The color changes in white or red and also acts as a brake light. These LG batteries (or other brand batteries depending on availability) are installed. With the easy-to-use app, you can connect your smartphone to the bike (Android & iOS).

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KingSong XL pedals


- 25cm in length

- griptape for the best

- safer to drive

- more comfortable standing

- non-slip even in wet conditions


Much better driving characteristics by changing interface human <-> unicycle


The additional "longer pedal surface" makes the unicycle performance better and easier to control, especially for the KS18L and KS18S an absolute recommendation!



- 2x XL pedals

- 2x axis

- 2x locking screws axle / new technology, only two screws needed


If your old axles are permanently stuck in the old pedals, they can be replaced with us in the workshop only pay the shipping costs. Please inquire by e-mail, thank you!

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Chargers from 100 W to 1500 W in all voltages


  • Output voltage according to customer requirements (one week delivery time)
  • Current chargers in stock
  • Chargers of the highest quality
  • Aluminum casing
  • Line filter on the input side
  • Circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature monitoring in the charger

If desired, the charge termination to 80% or 90% thus a substantial increase in the lifetime of the battery

According to data sheets, a previous charge (80%) results in a battery life of up to 3 times.


The battery should be fully charged every 20 to 30 charges with the original charger, as only the balancers work and minimum balance differences are compensated.


This is not necessary for batteries (for example original Ninebot) without a balancer circuit. (These batteries have limited durability by saving this necessary balancer circuit)


For special charger configurations or queries simply send e-mail to:


Ninebot Z10 Charger SET include 2pcs additional connectors -> must be soldered between charge output cable from OEM charger to use the OEM connector from Ninebot

(we can make this conversion for you for free, but it is needed that you send OEM charger to us)

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