About us

Insight into 1RadWerkstatt:

founded in 2014 to repair electric unicycles

starting with the distribution of electric unicycles (the first Ninebot E there were about us)
Structure of the spare parts warehouse for Airwheel Rock Wheel, IPS, Ninebot, GotWay, Hoverboards
2015 start of the battery pack manufacturing for all unicycles and electronic devices (also for e-bikes)

Buying a big spot welding machine for professional processing
Set up camp for high quality lithium cells
2016 owner of Kingsong exclusive import license for Germany

Storage of all Kingsong unicycles Germany and partly EU
Building a stock of spare parts for all Kingsong unicycles
2016 before starting to manufacture of plastic parts for electric unicycles and other Produke

German Arbug Spritzugussmaschinen currently up to a part weight of 150g

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