The Kingsong KS16 with 800W (3000W peak) and 30kmh is the ideal size for those where the KS18 too large and the KS14 is too small. It has even more features, thanks to the extendable trolley handle, the retracted to look like a handle or the great side union LED rings, all of which are to pick up, do not want to separate from her Ninebot itself! with app and enhanced speaker to hear Automatic light, Bluetooth for music course there also! The 16 "inch class is defined totally new here - so a wheel must be!

To explain 840Wh / 828Wh: Correctly calculated results from the battery has a capacity of 828Wh, but some dealers sell him than 840Wh because Kingsong this so serving and calculated somewhat differently, the way forward would be: 3,7Vx16 cells x 3,5Ah x 4 packs = 828Wh, Kingsong however expects: 60V (what 16 cells is simply wrong) x 3,5Ah x 4 packs = 840Wh

Warning: this false statement is also used by many battery suppliers! From us they only receive goods with correct information and correct calculation!

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KingSong XL pedals


- 25cm in length

- griptape for the best

- safer to drive

- more comfortable standing

- non-slip even in wet conditions


Much better driving characteristics by changing interface human <-> unicycle


The additional "longer pedal surface" makes the unicycle performance better and easier to control, especially for the KS18L and KS18S an absolute recommendation!



- 2x XL pedals

- 2x axis

- 2x locking screws axle / new technology, only two screws needed


If your old axles are permanently stuck in the old pedals, they can be replaced with us in the workshop only pay the shipping costs. Please inquire by e-mail, thank you!

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